Wake up ! Do these Morning Workouts To Lose Weight Fast

It was observed that people believe morning workouts to lose weight fast is the best way to go about it, and there are many others who don’t want to bear the thought of having to get up earlier in the morning just to go for daily morning exercise at home .

But with too many people swearing by it, exercising in the morning must have some benefits.

Why Morning Exercise For Weight Loss At Home?

Morning exercise is a healthy, productive way to start the day. Its natural you have more energy during the day when you work out in the morning.

When you are exercising in the morning, You can relax in the evenings instead of rushing to the gym after work.

Morning Exercise For Weight Loss

It seems easier to keep a morning workout routine consistent.

Afternoon and evening workouts are more likely to conflict with other responsibilities as the day progresses.

While you’re full day’s work can take a serious toll on willpower—which can overcome any gym-goer’s best intentions.

Morning workouts could also be a great option for stress free snoozing.

As exercising in morning increases heart rate and body temperature, working out late in the evening would disrupt your sleep, while one study showed that working out at 6 a.m. (compared to evening) may help people sleep more soundly at night.

Even, one study found out that 30 minutes of morning exercise (like walking, cycling etc.) helped curb appetite directly after working out.

Researches also showed that people can burn up to 35 percent more body fat exercising on an empty belly —which is much easier to do first thing in the morning than at night.

So for your faster weight loss goals, here things are slightly more complex . You should consider few key factors to ensure you get maximum payback from your workout.

The Wake up Workout

Start the day with a bang with a workout that’ll get your pulse going and get your energy levels up

It’s physical coffee.

And it’s free — no gym or equipment required other than a carpet/towel/exercise mat.

In just under 10 minutes this high-intensity, no rest, 7-exercise circuit will turbocharge your metabolism, open the vascular flood gates, and provide an invigorating surge of energy that’ll help you crush the day ahead.

Morning Exercises For Weight Loss At Home



  • #15reps/1-2 sets
  • #Primary Target(s): Hips, Legs



  • #10 reps/2-3 sets
  • #Primary Target(s): Chest, Arms



  • # 30-45 sec hold /2-3 sets
  • #Primary Target(s): Abs (Transverse Abdominis)

 Bicycle crunch 

Bicycle Crunch

  • # 15-20 reps / 1-2 sets
  • # Primary Target(s): Chest, Legs


Yoga can provide as same benefits as any well-designed exercise program can to lose weight in 2 weeks fast.

Increasing general health and stamina, reducing stress, and improving those conditions brought about by sedentary lifestyles.

Yoga has an added advantage of being a low-impact activity that uses only gravity as resistance, which makes it an excellent physical therapy routine.

Morning Yoga

A study published in late 2002 summarized recent findings about the benefits of yoga for the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

The review noted that yoga is still viewed as a “trendy” form of exercise rather than one with documented medical benefits.

# Three rounds of Surya Namaskara can be done in 10 minutes or less and are a good way to have a complete workout in a very short time.

 How ?

One Kg of fat equals 7700 calories,

When you do 12 sets of Sun Salutation, you are completing 12 sets x 2 rounds in each set x 12 yoga poses in each = 288 yoga poses within 12 to 15 minutes.

“One round of SuryaNamaskar burns 13.9 Calories”

  • To burn one kilo of fat, you will need to do 550 Surya Namaskaram
  • To burn 10 kilos= 5500

You should do suryanamaskar approximately 20–30 time in a day .

It will surely give you slim body .

Apart from that you have to control your diet because diet makes 75–80% difference in weight loosing process.

Drink warm water every time also.


cardio exercises are the ones which helps increasing heart rate and boosting blood flow of total body, its promotes the weight loss and burning extra calories.

Cardio Exercise

Why ?

To explain this in a more easier way, you should see your metabolism as the engine of a car.

The engine of the car ensures that there is power to make the car ride, your metabolism is the engine of your body that keeps you moving.


  • Sprinting is the best form of cardio for burning calories.
  • 20 minute sprint intervals = 60 minutes jog.
  • Increase your aerobic capacity and conditioning.

Cardio isn’t to be feared. Adding a finisher after your workout slays fat.

Mini Workout Before Shower

Here are some of the mini workout and morning exercises for students, designed especially for your morning schedule , that will get your metabolism active and gives you energy that lasts all day.

It’s a perfect solution to those mid-morning and afternoon yawns.

Start these workouts daily each morning before you shower or do your normal morning routine.

Complete this 8 minutes in the morning exercises routine one time only, one exercise after the other without resting

Jumping Jacks 

Jumping Jacks

  • #25 reps

March in Place with High Knees 

March in Place with High Knees

  • # 50 reps (25 each side)

Vanity Push-ups 

Vanity Push ups

  • # 50 reps (use your bathroom vanity or kitchen counter top)

Plie Squats 

Plie Squats to Burn Fat

  • # 20 reps

Exercise promotes both the well being of your mind and body.

It reduces stress, anxiety, battles anger, reduces physical ailments, which all in turn make your life easier to live.

When your life is easier, you are happier.

Simplicity is key: Get good rest, exercise, check what to eat in the morning to lose weight fast , drink plenty of water and you’ve done 90% of the work to enjoying a happy/healthy life.

You can share and save morning exercise at home with pictures on your favorite social media to help you remember and to encourage you to do them every morning. Be sure to let us know your favorite workouts.