10 Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Avoid Strictly For Better Body Shape

Weight loss is not easy , and in the journey of losing weight it was often observed by fitness geeks that people do major mistakes or they are misguided . This could be a major weight loss mistakes which can lead you the outcome that you never wanted to look for .

Even when you were at your best of your potentials and not lacking of willpower. It’s not a lack of motivation. It’s not your bad habits or external conditions.

It’s just your unawareness .

It’s just like your sudden day when decide to shed some fat or build muscle or biggest weight loss transformation, and you immediately commence on a crazy regime to lose weight fast in 2 weeks.

You fast for 72 hours, or you go to the gym and lift weights for three hours in a row. But you are hardly aware of the facts and the outcome of your activity.

Isn’t it ?

Did you ever try to figure out , why were you not getting the desired outcomes like 10 percent weight loss ?

Cutting your calories is already difficult.

It can really be a disruption on your mindset. Most people make many mistakes along their weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Mistakes Beginners Make

#1. Dieting will crush down your weight :

The most common dieting mistakes are various and trying all too hard at the beginning.

dieting mistake

As mentioned above about the fast you keep in your initial days which you discontinue after your several efforts .

Its simple. You may continue this pain-rest cycle for some time, but you won’t be able to sustain your crazy regime.

And you’ll quit.

Always remember, The results of dieting vary from person to person. It depends on your current weight and the lifestyle you live. 2

#2. Skipping Meals:

For most people dieting means not eating anything . Genuinely it’s not .

Actually Somewhere it was suggested to reduce your calorie intake rather than skipping meals. Staying hungry can make you feel tired and low on energy.

Skipping Meals

And, you may end up eating fats and sugar food.

Have a shake, have a snack, have something healthy.. Or

else….. Blood sugar lowers, you get grumpy and reach for the closest thing at hand, which is not going to be a healthy choice!

Because really, who eats healthy when they are grumpy?

Stick to a schedule and plan ahead.

Preparation will lead to positive outcomes!

#3. Eating and Exercise Balance

The balance between diet you follow and exercise pattern is way crucial during weight loss journey and biggest weight loss transformations.

While you overdo the exercise part and if you are having a bad diet, it will lead you to nowhere .

Eating and Exercise

So, it is important that you have a healthy diet and exercise well to become healthy.

#4. Setting unrealistically high goals

If your goals are for long term , then its considered as great .However, these goals always seem too far off for biggest weight loss in a week.

Weight Loss Goals

What worked and still what works to lose weight fast perfectly is set smaller, more realistic yet not indulging goals which you can be able to meet at times (or get close to achieving) and this gives keeps your motivation high.

You can regularly set weekly, monthly and three monthly goals.

Once You start achieving those small goals , you will realize you are going in the right direction .

That will be your measure of your success .

Your “encouragement and motivation” are the tools that let you do the hard work .

#4. The ‘Diet’ food :

When You went shopping you were always looking for the foods marked Diet, low-fat, healthy etc.

This is a good practice to get into, but only when you are buying these foods for the right reason.

Diet Foods

Getting these foods just because your mind says it could lose more weight or biggest weight gain.

Correct , but unto some limits .

It never meant that you can eat those enormously .If you eat diet foods in large portions you’re not doing yourself any favors.

#5. Embarrassment in going to the gym :

Taking the plunge and joining a gym was one of the hardest things you do.


You are always worried that people in the gym would be staring at you and talking about you. But remember , talking is there job , working is your job.

embarrassment in going to the gym


This is the main reason why people quit .There is very thin margin which between you and your desire .Just look at your success graph and stay motivated .

One day You’ll be glad you did. You should always look forward to going to the gym .

#6. Drinking water enormously :

Water actually keeps you hydrated and may help you eat less.

According to small study it was found out that drinking cool water can discourage cravings for sugary drinks like soda and juice.

Drinking Cold Water

Now that’s a reason to stay hydrated. It is essential for overall health and well being. Always drink water to quench your thirst.

#7. Carbohydrates are always weight gainer

Carbohydrates are major constituent of fats that provides you ultimate weight .But what if it is eaten in correct quantity.

you can never put on weight by carbs. Choose from healthy carbs options like whole-wheat grain, brown rice and whole meal bread and enjoy your meals .

#8. Cut down sweets

It’s not mentioned anywhere that you diet need to completely exclude sweets. But ,you can take small portion of dessert and still continue to diet.

Cut Down Sweets

It is very important to treat yourself. However, never overindulge. If possible, you should include sweets at least once a week in your diet plan .

#9. Being too strict

The diet should not be your straitjacket. Majority of people are successful if they stay within the rules 90 percent of the time and biggest diet mistakes.

Weight Loss Mistakes

That additional 10 percent can be used for special treats: that unavoidable drink, or lunch out with the friends who love all the “wrong” foods.

#10. Negative Thoughts :

The mindset , ‘you would always be fatty ‘ ,that you must break if you really want to lose some serious weight.

Negative Thoughts While Losing Weight

Sometimes it feels like disappointment, but that happens with everyone .

You need to focus on being happy and healthy and achieving your reasons for your workout . Try not to get caught up in “the big picture”.

Those are 10 weight loss mistakes that people make. There are definitely a lot more. Try to overcome one by one everyday for a month. Small steps will take your progress forward. It just takes a little effort .

Time is your greatest asset. It’s one of the famous sayings , ‘All good things come with time and effort’ . Most people want weight loss to happen fast.

Guess what? It’s not going to happen like that.


Weight loss isn’t instant. It takes time.

Need not to rush . The weight will come off. It’s just going to take some time. May be More time than you expected.

In the meantime, just enjoy the process. Think about what you’re doing to make your life better. The process is all that matters.