What The Quickest Way to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks? (DO’S DON’TS & MYTHS)

There are some contests to lose weight in 2 weeks like sprinting where it makes sense to measure success in terms of how fast you could do it.

Your goal should not be to lose weight as fast as possible or even, for that matter, to lose weight (though you are clearly in very popular company!).

First important thing to remember is there is weight loss, and there is fat loss. When people say they want to lose weight, they usually mean that they want to lose fat and not muscle mass.

This is important to remember because muscle weighs more than fat. We need to make sure we are burning that fat and not muscle.

A more appropriate goal must be to exercise the whole Fourteen days of 2 week and ONLY eat nutritious food.

sugar vs fruitIf you avoid refined sugar and sugar substitutes and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables AND exercise, you will almost surely lose weight, but more importantly, you will get healthier and healthier.

You will not “lose” weight only to gain it back again as you will with a crash diet.

Every way to how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks as quickly as possible is dangerous and unhealthy. You could cut off all your limbs, for instance.

Or, you could put yourself in a hot humid environment, refuse to drink and exercise without stopping. You would die of course, but you would probably drop a lot of weight.

Sorry to be snarky, but please reconsider and formulate a healthier goal.

I do understand that it is frustrating that losing weight in a healthy sustainable manner takes so long.

You probably have many experiences and best way to lose weight in a week where you have been successful because you try really really hard and go to the utmost.

And, that is really great. But there are some things like trying to change your body (or start a romantic relationship or grow a garden or have a baby) that take a certain minimum time no matter how hard you try.

Yes, you can speed up having a baby, for example, by drugs etc., but it is dangerous and the more you try to speed it up, the more dangerous it becomes.

It’s the same with losing weight.

burn more caloriesIf you burn more calories than you eat, you’ll lose weight. A reasonable rate is .5 to 2.5 pounds per week depending on how overweight you are, how healthy your heart is, your age, and other factors. Before undertaking any substantive change in your exercise and diet, you should check with your medical practitioner.

Your habits could unknowingly be sabotaging your attempts to get fitter.

Do’s :

#Best Diet for Fast Weight Loss

Now just like any other person you would have been tired of listening of this . And you must be wondering why Diet is so important ??

And what can you do in such small span . So , here is something difficult but smart enough and healthy tips from the fitness geeks .

Best Diet for Fast Weight Loss

High Protein intake needs some time for getting used to. Negative calorie food items and calorie deficit meals. Multivitamins to compensate nutrients deficit arising from cessation of eating regular food.

Protein shakes and meal replacements. Coffee and fibers. Salads, fruits, sprouts and raw veggies. Wholesome and nutritious meals[consisting of above items only] five times a day.

And a lot of water. Helps in digestion especially when protein intake is high.

#Exercise :

At least twice a day. Change techniques. Try variations. CrossFit to HIIT and athletics to Fartlek. Idea is to surprise the body with variations and not let it get used to routine.


Cardio and different variants of intensive circuit training to burn calorie very fast.

Dead lifts and Squats.


Other than scores of lower/upper ab exercises dead lifts and squats help more to shed fat layers from lower abdomen.

Swimming and Running. Calisthenics. Yoga.

#Drink Water :

“Drink when you are thirsty” statement might not work for everyone as our awareness levels are low.

drink water

Sometimes thirst shows as hunger too. So when you feel a little hungry, have 300–400 ml of water and see if the hunger settles down.

If you feel hungry in next 15 minutes, probably you are really hungry.

Go have something to eat. But have a dipstick of thirst before eating something.

So why does more water intake help in weight-loss ?

Fact # 1: In adults, resting energy expenditure has been shown to increase by 24–30% within 10 minutes of drinking water. This lasts at least 60 minutes. That percentage increases when cold water is consumed (the body uses extra calories to warm up the water to body temperature).

Fact # 2: Studies indicate that drinking 0.5 lts (17 oz) of water results in an extra 23 calories burned. On a yearly basis, that sums up to roughly 17,000 calories — or over 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of fat.

Fact # 3: Drinking water 20 minutes before each meal may increase weight loss by 2 kg (4.4 lbs) over a 12-week period. Reduced appetite could be the insight.

Fact # 4: Drinking water also helps prevent long-term weight gain. In general, the average person gains about 1.45 kg (3.2 lbs) every 4 years.This can be avoided by having one cup of water everyday and replace all drinks with water.

#Enough Hours of Sleep :

To restore natural balance of the body, muscle relaxation, repair and recovery. Brain cell restoration is another important aspect other than freshness and vigor for the next day of work.

Enough Sleep

Sleep is the time when both muscle gain and weight loss occur. Even if you follow all the previous things listed you will not experience weight loss, unless you sleep at least 7–8 hours every night.

Research has shown that people who lack quality sleep tend to gain a lot more weight.

Walk as much as possible (i.e., stay active during the day), exercise 4–5 days a week, stay with your meal plan at least 90% of the time and you will burn fat and lose weight.

You will transform your body long-term. There are no shortcuts or magic products that will change your body.

#Discipline (Most important; but ignored mostly) 🙁

  • Plan and execute.
  • Draft a time table.
  • Keep reminders and alarms.
  • Asses meeting of goals periodically and keep track of the progress bar set.
  • Reward yourself for significant goals met.
  • Consult trainer if required.
  • Make sure to make up for the missed tasks of the schedule, if any.
  • Better to do it all and give it all than to just dream it all.

In short, Discipline to the point of pain. Because no pain….no gain.

#Sports :

Pick a physical/outdoor sport and play it regularly in addition to the exercising routine.

Sport improve cognitive and sensory abilities resulting in better coordination of mental-physical faculties.


Read books, watch scores of motivational videos available on youtube, listen to upbeat music. It is all yours to take and make.


Most precious virtue to possess. Be patient.

Different body types take different time frames to show results.

Results will follow sooner or later provided one is true to oneself.

Don’ts :

#No Fast Food :

No Fast Food Not even a milk shake or lemonade. The smallest of deviations can deter results. They are not only fat, sugar and thus calorie rich but also make one crave for carbs even more. The food you consume will be the greatest indicator of the body you will build. To build an impressive physique, you need to eat the proper food. Processed food is the worst type of food to eat. Or as it is usually repeated in the fitness world: “If you saw it on TV, don’t eat it”.

#No Cheat Days :

Absolutely not. No exceptions. Ever. Period. You can not afforded the loss of a single day . Always remember it’s a challenge not a chance .keep recalling in your mind. Stay motivated .

#No Alcohol :

The main reason why you have that inflated belly is because you drink too much alcohol especially beer.

No Alcohol

We are sure this might be bad news for you if you love drinking beer, but unless you stop drinking it your stomach will get bigger and bigger. That’s why it’s named ‘beer belly.

When you or on a cutting regimen, you should eliminate alcoholic drinks altogether. Alcohol adds unnecessary calories in magnanimous quantities and disrupt fat metabolism.

#No Smoking :

Smoking causes unnatural metabolism changes. Remember that our high protein diet has already changed the natural metabolism in some ways; let us not give undue pressure to the digestive system by adding smoke to it.

#No Crash Diet :

course or extreme measures to obtain desired results. Remember shortcuts results are short lived and not often but rather always they come with some drawback or the other.

#No Sodas/Soft Drink :

There are a lot of people who love to drink soda with their meals. These are the same people you will hear complaining that no matter how hard they try they never seem to lose weight.

No Sodas No Soft Drink

If you happen to be one of these people, now you have the answer to one of the questions why you cannot lose weight.

Saying that all fats are bad for your health is plain wrong. Even though some of them such as trans fats are indeed bad, other kinds like unsaturated fats play a vital role in many essential body processes.

Ensure that you eat enough unsaturated fats like sesame and olive oil, peanut butter etc.

#No Skipping Breakfast :

Skipping breakfast is one of the worst things you can do to your weight loss attempts. Not only does being hungry mean you tend to overeat, skipping breakfast also makes your body go into starvation mode. Which means that it stores all calories it gets instead of burning them.

#No Starvation :

Starvation diets rule again and again. The less food you eat, the more weight you’ll lose, right?

Sorry, but it just doesn’t work this way in the long-run. If your idea of the perfect diet plan for weight loss is popping crackers and diuretics, you’re headed for disaster.

Starvation slows the fat-burning process.

#Mental Fatigue :

mental fatigueDo not get mentally tired of following all the rules and disciplines. It is just another betterment way.

Take it up sportingly and in one’s own best interest. No-one should live day to day unhappy about how they appear to others and if you really are that bothered about it you DO have the power to alter peoples perceptions of you.

On to the MYTHS !

#Flip Fat into Muscle :

Almost every beginner come to a fitness trainer and tell them this myth. They listen to this all the time in the first consulting session they have to set the goals.


The beginners imagine that they’ll just turn their fat into muscles. Their believing is pretty simple, they are convicted of if the will working out they just transform the fat in the rock solid muscle which they see on the Instagram, facebook or youtube on the daily.

On the other side, they think when you were working out and you’ve built decent muscles and then you will just sit on the couch and eating donuts with ice cream your muscles just turn into a fat. They are hugely wrong.

Muscle and fat are absolutely different things. Muscle is built from amino acids that we get from the nutrition and the tissues are extremely active, which means they are burning calories when they work.

Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle and thanks to them you are able to build size and strength. Fat, however, is excess energy which wasn’t used and so the energy is stored in the form of fat cells.

If your body won’t used it in the daily activities, it’s stored away. It has not any function it’s just keeping you warm and it acts like a padding.

For sure that there is some amount of body fat which our body needs to but in excess, it’s without purpose .

#Weightlifting Makes You Bulky!


Almost every woman thinks about it like they will become huge, bulky, big cheeks, wide shoulders, abs like men and so on.

They have images in their head of the big, scary bodybuilding girls and assume that if they lift weights they’re going to look like that. This is simply not true. Physiologically speaking, it’s just not going to happen.

Most of the women want to be toned and shaped like a girly shape. They desire nice shapely thighs, a round and firm butt, and tight arms.

In their best interests, they going to running, doing some body weight circuit training and if they are really serious they start doing plyometrics movements. But

the reality and the physiology o the body speaks as follows: in order to have shape and rounded form on your thighs and butt you need to put muscle mass on this areas.

How you may ask?

By lifting weights aka weightlifting. It’s simple as math, for someone. If you want a bigger, rounder and solid butt, you need to train the butt.

If you want strong, firm thighs, you need to train them! The days of hundreds of those donkey kicks on the floor are gone. Load up the bar and do some squats. Grab a heavy pair of dumbbells and get a few sets of walking lunges in.

If you are not convinced read about how your muscles react and what is the respond of your body to this exercises with weights in some studies. Don’t be dumb.

#6 Pack!

Desired 6-pack it’s the goal of everybody. Many people stay in the gym in the order to have the six pack by doing a thousand repetitions of crunches.

They think that working out the muscle group under the belly fat will burn fat in this area and the muscles just simply go through the fat and you will have the firm, strong and shredded abdominal you ever wanted.

6packsThe problem of this is the fact that even if you do millions of leg raises, sit ups, or planks you’ve got a layer of fat covering your abs, the 6-pack you’re after will stay hidden away.

In order to have visible 6-pack, you need to burn fat which is above the abdominal muscles that everybody has. That is done by being in a caloric deficit, so your body need to touch your fat storage in order to give your body needed energy.

The best way to do it is following your caloric deficit and lifting heavy weights because it will speed up your metabolism in a 24- 48 hours period so your body will need more energy to cover by the fat you have stored and if you do it consistently over a period of the time, you will finally see your abs.

#Carbs are the worst!

No. No. No. Absolutely no.

Eating CarbsCarbs are not bad. Excess carbs are bad. Excess of anything is bad.

Let me give you an example.

Most of us now that water has a lot of health benefits. If you don’t, did you know water is great for the skin?

Did you know the human body is up to 60 % water?

And did you know consuming too much water can literally kill you?!

The point of the emotional words above is consuming too much of everything can have adverse effects.

Too many fats or too much sport can also kill you. See where I am going?

Carbs are the major energy source so without them you may find yourself feeling extremely tired, sluggish and without any energy, like you have no energy you are just like a rag doll.

Consuming the certain form and amount of carbs around your training session is a great move. Like an hour before training, it’s great because it provides your body the fuel to push your workout to your limits.

#Exercise Eat Repeat :

Sorry to destroy you this super easy acceptable myth. It’s not the truth at all, not even close to this. If your goals are building muscles, then you need to eat in a fashion that assists with that goal.

Exercise Eat Repeat

More protein, moderate fats and the rest of the calories fill up with your carbohydrates. If your day starts with

a bowl of cereals and milk then you eat a burger with a stack of fried fries and then you finish the day with a pizza and ice cream, then nothing changes on your body composition.

The same applies with a body fat. If you work your ass off in the gym a few times a week by lifting weights, burning hundreds and thousands of extra calories per week and keep your focus on your nutrition you will likely be on the best way to reach your desired goal.

If you workout every day but you will eat a lot of excessive calories every day then you will probably get just stronger butt your body look doesn’t change drastically.

There really is no point in looking in that mirror and saying to your self “oh dear, look at me”

If you then fail to do anything about changing the way that you feel about yourself. You need to take a step back and simply visualize how great you will feel when you have lost that extra weight that has limiting your sexual attraction as well as SERIOUSLY damaging you maximum natural longevity on this earth.

Most people wonder what is the fastest way to lose weight safely and healthily?

and it is quite a task to find such a way.

However with the above tips and the right discipline so as to govern you dieting as well as exercise is key.

As you try to lose your weight ensure that you use means that will not reflect negatively on your health later on.

Being more natural about it is much healthier.